Tap into one of the greatest minds in Jiu Jitsu.

300,000 words
(that's almost 4 full-length books!)
1,500 posts
(manually categorized)
50 different tags
(and growing!)

[ dan-a-thol-uh-jee ]


A collection of John Danaher's Instagram writings. Organized as cards tagged by topic that are filterable and searchable. Search for keywords and concepts, bookmark your favorites to save them.
A Jiujitionary creation that gives you the power to pick the brain of one of the most revered Jiu Jitsu teachers of our time.

Why not just Instagram?

Instagram:  Really good for images, not so great for written content. Don't get me wrong, I love Instagram and it's a great platform for Jiu Jitsu to keep up with current athletes, events, competition photos and short technique videos. But, being a philosopher, Danaher is a wizard of words and Instagram is very weak in this department. Search is just for accounts, everything is strictly chronological and the reading experience is far from ideal - they practically hide it.

Danathology:  Primary focus is the written word, it links back to Instagram for all photos. Content cards are tagged with the topic he discusses. Want to see everything he's written on half guard? On arm bars? On the meta of Jiu Jitsu? You can filter for these and so much more. Instant collections of everything Danaher has said on the topic or category. When you search by keyword the content cards are automatically filtered to show only what you're looking for. Bookmark cards to save your favorites to your account.

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"John Danaher is one of the main reasons why I get to live the life I do. The least I can do is show up everyday and learn from essentially a book of cheat codes. A big part of the reason I have the things I have (on and off the mat) is because of him. The rate of progression because of him is literally like living in a hyperbolic time chamber. If I fought myself today from 2019 ADCC I would crush myself. Training under him is different. It's something you won't experience anywhere else in the world."

Gordon Ryan, 2019 ADCC absolute & -99kg champion

We are not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with John Danaher. We are not intending to sell John Danaher's content, you can always find all of his written work on his Instgram account for free. Rather, we have manually collected, curated and tagged all of his content and created a tool to explore, search, filter and bookmark them. We believe this work creates added value and that is what we are selling.